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In graduate school, I asked myself why some older adults seem to age better than others. After much research, my teammates and found resilience is greatest contributor to longevity. Resilience is the ability to bounce back and recover from an adversity. We then asked, what is resilience and how do we help build resilience in our clients? 

Resilience comes down to three main factors... physical health, social support and self-efficacy. The greatest of these factors is self-efficacy, the belief in self and motivation to achieve a goal. Many times one is limited mentally before they are physically. Resilience is a state of mind, a choice to continue even when physical ailments or solidarity is present. 

Optimal Homelife is focusing on building self-efficacy through taking small steps to build physical, social, and technological confidence to create an optimal life by being able to do physical tasks, remain social with loved ones and utilize technology as an accessible resource.  

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